The oil injection processing industry is a new industrial breakthrough point and new development space that Fenglin (Pushi) Industry is fully exploring. It involves many processing fields such as plastic oil injection, silk-screen printing, pad printing, etc. Its product technology has reached the international advanced level. It can produce environmentally friendly products such as products with high temperature resistance, friction resistance, UV resistance, alcohol resistance and gasoline resistance according to the customer requirements. It has initially formed a one-stop research and development rend of production, learning and research, and has the ability to provide design, research and development and manufacturing of plastic oil injection solutions.
The subsidiaries involved in the oil injection processing business are mostly joint ventures. The partners have rich experience in their respective industrial fields. Based on their solid industrial development foundation and good national policy support, the emerging industries of Fenglin (Push) Industry are developing rapidly in a booming manner, and have gradually become new economic growth points and breakthrough points.