The precision CNC processing industry is one of the key industries with a high starting point and diversified development of Fenglin (Push) Industry. The business covers the production and processing of various precision mechanical parts and components, and it has strong precision processing capacity. After many years of development and accumulation, Fenglin (Push) Industry CNC machining center is well known in the industry for its strong technological research and development strength and production and manufacturing capabilities. Its product technology and quality are leading domestically, and some of them have reached international advanced level and can replace imported products, with a differentiated competitive advantage.
The precision CNC processing business has a history of more than ten years. On the basis of mature precision CNC machining, it now has the production and processing capabilities of various medium and high-grade precision parts. Characterized by “precision, high efficiency, completeness and intelligence”, the products are widely used in the machinery processing industry such as aviation, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, automobile and molds.